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At Southern Steel, we offer our customers a variety of value-added processing options. Our wide range of processing capabilities allows our customers to focus on what they do best and leave the first step to us. This results in both substantial cost savings and more efficient operations for our customers. 

Laser Cutting

Southern Steel operates three cutting edge HK laser cutting machines, including several which use the latest technology to deliver the laser beam to the cutting surface by fiber optics for faster cutting speeds. Let our laser burning operation be an extension of your plant without the capital investment or risk involved with cutting complex parts. Use our CNC laser cutting service to process carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets and plates up to ¾” thick. We can produce a wide range of parts directly from your CAD drawing.
The advantages of laser cutting are numerous including producing the highest quality, most precise cuts to the exacting specifications of our customers. The finished product requires minimal cleanup with excellent edge quality. In addition, we use advanced nesting software to yield the most parts with the least amount of scrap, further adding value for our customers.
Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Southern Steel is able to ship laser cut parts nationwide quickly, taking advantage of Memphis’ centralized location and extensive logistics infrastructure for faster shipping times.


Plasma Cutting

Southern Steel operates an Alltra burning table to cut shapes and parts using CNC plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting provides speed and precision for heavier sheets and plates up to 1” thick.
Plasma cutting is versatile allowing us to cut a variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper for our customers.


Oxy-Fuel Cutting

For large plates up to 4” thick, Southern Steel has the capability to use single or dual oxy-fuel heads to produce a wide range of parts directly from your CAD drawings.  Our operators use the right mix of cutting fuels and oxygen to quickly and efficiently cut plates to meet our customers’ high standards.



Southern Steel operates a variety of computer controlled precision production saws capable of a wide range of functions, including miter and bundle cutting.  From the largest structural shapes to the smallest mechanical tubes, allow Southern Steel to provide material cut to the exact length for your project.


Along with the ability to cut sheets and plates with laser, plasma or oxy-fuel CNC equipment, Southern Steel also offers the option of shearing of gauged sheets and plates up to 144” wide and ¼” thick,
Shearing is used to cut flat metal sheets and plates along a straight line and is a cost effective first step process to prepare metal for your stamping, pressing or bending operation.


Press Braking

Southern Steel operates a 200-ton Standard Industrial hydraulic press brake to make precision bends into metal to the exact specifications of our customers. With a wide range of available tooling, our operators are sure to be able to meet your needs for bends in carbon and stainless steel up to 144” wide and ¼” thick.


Other Processing

Other available outsourced processing services include hot-dipped galvanizing, electroplated galvanizing, priming, shot-blasting, machining, splitting and straightening of beams, and forming of many metal products to meet your specific need. Please call one of our experienced salespeople for more information.


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